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This has been a crazy year! I am so grateful for so many new friends, clients and creative thinkers that I have had the opportunity to meet, come across and walk this life with this past year.

I have been busy with a variety of photo campaigns and video projects which I will be able to release and share in the new year (!!) … these opportunities have enabled me to literally travel the world, have time to think, process and focus on whats in store for the new year.

Pardon the Inactive Blog Presence…

As a photographer, it is a daunting task to write and share everything that happens on these shoots…in some ways it becomes monotonous to talk about… as one can see- I’ve come close to neglecting my blog all-together for a better part of the year. I guess I deserve a slap on the wrist for that… at the same time, I don’t believe its been to my detriment.


Having time to breathe and think in-between shoots and traveling from one place to another has allowed me to focus on WHY I do what I do and therefore better clarify my objectives and priorities.

From the  moment I first picked up a camera I knew that the subject of my desire would be that of the individual. –

The human portrait.

– I’ve always had a certain enthusiasm for discovering ones motivations- thus being sensitive to capturing that very human moment where one’s guards are down, a raw sense of honesty prevails and the walls of the facade crumble.  – Through the years I have been deeply inspired by the conversations that have transpired throughout these portrait sessions. You see,  I have learned that there are typically a variety of things that need to commence in order for the desired result to be achieved within the confines of a clients brief.   – If your lucky, sometimes it is the moment of an honest smile, an over-the-top expression and other times it’s simply built out of the direction that I lead with. –

…Then there are those moments that I live for. 

This is the very moment where a sense of true vulnerability transpires and a proverbial light switches on. It is an effervescent glow that subtly takes over the room- and for those paying attention, nothing else matters. It is completely voluntary, natural and organic in process yet entirely intentional and not without purpose. This is what I like to refer to as the “human moment” or “spark” that is found deep within the very fabric of one’s being.

This is the moment where a spark of ones humanity or sense of “humanness” is revealed- an essence of trust is engaged and a certain freedom from binding failures, socio-economic parameters, situational boundaries and even one’s successes, no longer permeate the conversation. This comes from a place of introspection that has been nurtured over time deep within the depths of ones being… it has always been there- but for some, it may have not been known or understood in ways that words would have been able to justifiably clarify within the confines of spoken language. – It may even be equated to what one defines as the motivation for what they do, want to do or choose not to do. It’s what I believe to be the very human element found in the very fabric of ones being that transcends all cultural barriers and blurs the lines of failure’s and success’.  –

An Example: 

– I have some friends that have an innate love for creating and developing code for web and applications- they are good at it… actually, they are phenomenal. Mind-boggling really. When they write code there’s a “spark” that ignites…there is a glow that is so rich and vibrant with enthusiasm that it simply cannot be ignored.  – Personally, for me, writing code could be equated to as my own personal Hell. Personally, I avoid this like its the plague.  – Here is my point: creating the code is the function- not the “spark”. More specifically, upon further discussion- the “spark” could be explained and clarified as an innate desire to create something from nothing.  – You see, my friends who write these different codes comprised of sequences, numbers and letters come to life when they talk about what they are creating…not a+b = c and so on.  – These are the things that i’m intimately interested in. Finding that spark which makes one glow and capturing the essence of that story on film. – I believe that this is the common thread that allows me to blur the lines of celebrity and non… the distinction between Billionaire and the person barely surviving on three different jobs… the person who is deemed “picture perfect”and the individual that is convinced that they are not photogenic.  – I believe that uncovering this “spark” is what allows me to make a good portrait. Lighting, staging, gear etc is simply the function. – Finding  this spark is what drives me to engage and create the portrait that sheds a light on the very essence of a person. This is starkly different from catching the photo. No less important, just different.  – Uncovering this “spark” – that I believe exists deep within everyone- is the very function that exists to legitimize the premise for todays entry… that everyone is photogenic- it’s found deep within. One just needs to know where and how to find the spark that brings that effervescent glow. – So for now ill leave this “conversation” open with one of my favorite quotes  I found many years ago… –

“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”   -Ansel Adams


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